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The benefits of salt therapy may be reproduced with success at your home with our saline air purifier devices.

This device is relied on a method often used in balneary medicine, but applied in a new and very convenient way, namely the forced passing of the air through plates with sediment layers of micro-crystallized salt, which leads to changes in the composition and the quality of the air as a result of the sublimation of the salt.

How this Salt Air Purifiers Works

The Saline Air Cleaner device works by having  air constantly passing through filter with a micro-crystallized deposit of salts, primarily sodium chloride (98% NaCl, 0.5 % calcium chloride and magnesium) which creates a fine, constant spry of sodium chloride in the surrounding area, changing the ionization of the air.

The salt micro particles penetrate into every area of the bronchi, bronchioles alveoli and  lungs and kill bacteria, leading in turn to a reduction in inflammation. Acting as a mucokinetic, they restore the normal transport of mucus and unclog blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles.

The inhaled saline (NaCl) is hydrophilic, so it absorbs the edema from the mucosa lining the airway passages, having natural non steroidal anti inflammatory properties, so it offers a natural asthma treatment.


Diplomas and Certificates

  • Gold Medal Award at 51 “World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology”, EUREKA, Brussels, 2002
  • Silver Medal Award at “Salon International des Inventions”, Geneve, 2002
  • Recognized at the 24th European Cystic Fibrosis conference in Vienna, 2001